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The Beatles LP, Long Tall Sally, on Capitol Records from 1964

thumb|300px|right|Watch this video to hear what a typical LP sounds like. Video by Jedmac90 (YouTube Account)LP. The Poly-vinyl Chloride (Vinyl) microgroove LP, long playing record, or sometimes album, was invented in 1948 by Peter Goldmark of Columbia Records. It replaced the shellac 78 RPM record as the standard disc used in the 1950s, along with its counterpart the vinyl 45 RPM Single. The LP spins at 33 1/3 RPM. It was taken over in popularity in the late 80s by CD'S and cassetes, yet as of 2007, has enjoyed a decent re-surge in poularity. Many famous artists such as Coldplay, AC/DC, and Guns And Roses are releasing their new albums on LP. Many dee-jays still prefer the LP over the CD for scratching for their easy manipulation and retro sound. A typical LP can have up to 7 songs per side. This can vary depending on how many songs the artist wants on each of them.

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