thumb|300px|right|A video of a person showing off his vintage 1969 turntable. Video by VintageDual (YouTube Account)
Portable 78 rpm record player

The typical 1930s portable wind-up turntable, with a built-in amplifier.


An old 78 rpm turntable with tonearm, bigger stylus and wind-up arm, plus horn-like amplifier, but of course no cartridge.

774px-Gramofon 1 ubt

The modern turntable.

Gr igla 01 ubt

The typical modern cartridge-fitted turntable with the tonearm hooked up to the catridge and the stylus on the bottom.

The phonograph turntable, or record player, its most common name, is a device made for audio reproduction invented by Emile Berliner (though the original cylinder phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison). Early turntables were either used just with a needle hooked up to an arm, and put through a horn-like amplifier, or the same setup, except with a built-in amplifier (mostly on portable ones). Most later ones (around the time LPs and 45s came around) had an electronic catridge hooked up to the arm with a tiny needle on the bottom of the cartridge.

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